Cleaning for the Aged


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香港市民之中的長者比率不斷增加,其中很多更是獨居及體弱多病,不能為自己作家居清潔。本會於數年前開始香港工業福音團契合作,定期提供資助,由該機的社工組織各區內婦女為長者定期清潔,並重視對義工的維繫和同時推動社區發展乃一項十分成功的『多贏』工作。項目取名『暖心清潔計劃 』,現已服務了元朗、天水圍、大圍、觀塘、九龍城、紅磡等多個社區,並將繼續擴展至其他有需要的地方。

We have a growing percentage of elderly in the population of Hong Kong. Some of those living alone are too weak and weary to do the household cleaning work themselves. TRaiNX started co-operating with the HK Industrial Evangelistic Fellowship some years ago, with social workers of the latter mobilizing female residents in the local districts to perform cleaning work for the aged in the vicinity. All expenses incurred to be sponsored by TRaiNX. It is a tremendous success both in community development, social networking and free service for the aged. The Project has now covered Yuenlong, Tinshuiwai, Tai Wai, Kwun Tong, Kowloon City and Hung Hom, and will be extended to other districts as well.

 Last modified   :  2017-04-18

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