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Early Detection Service for Dementia


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本港部份長者,由於家境貧困,未能及早獲得認知障礙症 (早前稱為『亞氏老年痴呆症』) 的測試,以致延誤診治。除了對患者構成危險,亦為其家人增加不少困擾。本會對此甚表關注,故此於數年前開始於『香港認知障礙症協會』設立一項專案基金,資助清貧家庭的長者作測試,由職業治療師及社工為懷疑患有輕度認知障礙及早期認知障礙症人士提供全面的認知能力評估 ,並轉介有需要的個案接受詳細的醫療評估及診斷。我們不想有患者因貧窮而沒機會及早獲得確診此症。


There are aged people in Hong Kong not being identified through recognized tests as having cognitive impairment (dementia with the Alzheimer's disease) due to financial difficulty, and thus couldn’t get proper treatment in time. This is hazardous to the patient and stressful to their family members. In view of this, TRaiNX started tendering continuous donation to the Association a few years ago to set up a Specified Fund under the HK Alzheimer's Disease Association to sponsor the underprivileged. A team of specialists and social workers will provide the potential clients with an early detection service, and refer needy cases to receive thorough medical assessment and treatment. We wish that no one in Hong Kong would be left out because of poverty.

 Last modified   :  2017-04-18

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