Library Project in Fujian


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福建省教育系統於多年前成立了『福建省讀書援助協會』,提供募捐、購書、配發、運送等一條龍服務,為福建省數以千計的有需要學校建立了『愛心圖書館』,但仍舊有不少學校在輪候。 本會於2011開始參與計劃,取名『書香校園』活動。按本會要求,都捐助到設立在貧困山區及邊遠落後地區的學校裏。現已捐助了35『愛心圖書館』

The Provincial Education Department of Fujian formed a Reading Assistance Association years ago, taking on board all the work from fund-raising, procurement, distribution to delivery of books for the setting up of libraries in Fujian schools. Through rallying the financial support of the community, the Association has successfully set up thousands of Caring Libraries in Fujian, fostering in the young minds the importance of reading extra-curricula publications. TRaiNX started taking part in 2011 under a “One-School-One-Library” Program. Taking seriously of our request into consideration, the Association would ensure that our contribution will all be confined to setting up Caring Libraries in schools in the poor and remote areas of Fujian. We have already donated 35 such libraries as at today.


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