Helping Marginal Youth


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這個計劃是與一個邊青服務機構合作,包括兩個項目: 臨時宿舍及籃球活動。臨時宿舍向受家庭影響的青少年在其最需要的時候提供一個可棲息的地方;而透過籃球活動,則可讓他們在遊戲中學習守紀律及團隊精神。

This Marginal Youth Programme was set up by the Jubilee Ministries to help these youths break away from abuses, drug, influence of triad societies, misconduct and the like, and establish a correct outlook on life.  We are sponsoring two of their activities, namely the running of a hostel and basketball games for the youth. The hostel provides a temporary breakaway for youths at a time when they are most vulnerable.  The basketball programme aims to offer an alternative and healthy form of activity for them. Through the game of basketball, they are taught teamwork, discipline, game strategy as well as physical fitness.

 Last modified   :  2017-04-18

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