Charity Work in TaKuling


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打鼓嶺聚居了新界北區最大群的貧苦英,他們都是多年來退耕的老人家。本會與打鼓嶺耆樂會社合作,向他們提供較全面的支援,為數約120人。本會義工每逢節日會作家訪以示關懷,並於農曆年送出福袋,內裏裝有冬菇、臘腸等乾货及一封大利是;在冬至前後送出毛毯及每人一件『超暖 』內衣;並於中秋節派送月餅、水菓和內衣。而每月每位老人家亦會獲得本會送贈两公斤白米。 

TaKuLing has one of a large number of indigenous elderly population living in the Northern District who are those mostly affected by re-claiming of land for non agricultural purposes all these years.  TRaiNX partnered with the TKL Kei Lok Community Association to provide all-round care and assistance to the most impoverished group, numbering around 120. Our volunteers will conduct home-visits during festive seasons to show care and concern.  During Chinese New Year, volunteers will distribute to them New Year Fortune Bags containing dried goodies such as mushrooms, shrimps, sausages, fruits and laisee packets.   Around Winter Solstice, each elderly will be given a set of 'Heattech Extra' undies and a blanket from Cathay Pacific Airways to fight against the chill.  When Mid-Autumn Festival comes, much to the delight of the elderly, volunteers will distribute to them home-made hotel-type moon cakes, and perhaps another piece of underwear. In addition, a rice distribution programme has been set up to provide the elderly with 2kg of rice each month.

 Last modified   :  2017-04-18

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