English Summer Camp


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Since 2015, TRaiNX embarked on a new initiative with two primary schools in the hill districts of GuangXi.  This is the English Summer Camp held during the last week of the school year for primary 5 students.  The English Camp serves a two-fold purpose.  The first is to provide primary 5 students an adventure immersed in English to help them love to learn English and to provide seed for good social interactive behaviour such as teamwork, personal hygiene and care for the environment.  Furthermore, our sponsored high school graduates of that year are co-opted to run the Camp as student helpers to the volunteer tutors from Hong Kong, and as team leaders.  These big brothers and sisters will receive a train-the-trainer session so as to be more effective in their roles.  Response to these Camps has been overwhelming, especially amongst the primary kids who are now much more out-going, sociable and unafraid to speak and greet in simple English.


 Last modified   :  2017-04-18

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