Sponsoring Senior High Students


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All along, the Mainland provides only 9 years of free education. This situation might improve with the new 12 year free education in force.  TRaiNX is aware that many good and bright students have to give up schooling after they have finished their junior secondary years because of poverty, and is committed to sponsoring at least 10 students each year to complete their secondary education. Applicants referred by schools have to be vetted by respective Mainland authorities, and then screened by our Directors for subsidy. A mentoring system is in place to provide caring and encouragement, and we follow-up closely with the schools on their academic and whole person progress. There are currently some 45 to 50 beneficiaries, and it is gratifying to see that 90% of the graduates enter into universities every year, including the renowned Beijing University.

 Last modified   :  2017-04-18

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