Donated a Multi-purpose School Extension


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內地一些鄉郊的中心小學,學生都是來自偏遠貧困山區村落。由於路途遙遠,往來需時,他們都只能攜帶簡單的乾糧作為餐,長遠對兒童的健康發展十分不利。本會曾因此捐助一座飯堂廚房樓給粵北山區一所小學,以方便莘莘學子。為使這座建築能發揮更佳的綜合性功效,它還包括飯堂 、廚房、圖書館及閱覽室等設施,本會更捐贈了 400 多冊書予該校圖書館。

Students of Mainland rural primary schools generally come from remote villages in the mountains. For lunch, they can only carry simple dried food instead of going home for a full meal.  This is harmful to the health of the students. TRaiNX therefore donated funds to build a kitchen complex for one of such schools in the Northern Part of Guangdong to improve the situation. To maximize the cost-effectiveness of the construction project, the building complex included a kitchen, a canteen, a library and some reading rooms. We also donated more than 400 books to the library as a follow-up.

 Last modified   :  2017-04-18

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