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Specified donations requested by benefactors


Making a personal difference


Mrs. Nicki Wong (not her real name) has always wanted to assist impoverished students.  Through her visits to the poorest parts of Guangxi Province, she came across secondary school students whose drive and ambition to help improve the conditions of their villages through education so moved her that she wanted establish a scholarship to help them. Whilst these students could not achieve academic results good enough to apply for a scholarship, they are often the best scholar from their own village.  Without adequate funding, their dreams of bettering the livelihood of the village are thus shattered.  However, through TRaiNX, Nicki Wong is able to make a specific donation targeting at helping these students.  TRaiNX then followed up with the necessary arrangements.  Now we are delighted to note that the aided students are well on track with their studies and keeping close contact with Mrs. Wong through TRaiNX.


Praise and recognition for ‘nourishers’ of the Sichuan quake children


TRaiNX members visited Sichuan twice following the devastating earthquake of 5.12.  Members were touched by the determination of the Sichuan folks in their desire to resume a ‘life as usual’ routine.  In the midst of the rebuilding, teachers of Sichuan play a pivotal role. There have been reports of heroism, of great love and of great giving.  The schools have been the first institutions to re-open, offering a safe haven for children to nurture their wounds, both emotionally and physically.  Teachers using their bare hands to erect temporary classrooms and shelters. Teachers acting as surrogate parents, acting as counsellors… teachers giving out their own meagre resources to their students. 


TRaiNX wants to acknowledge the great work of the teachers.  In discussing with the local Sichuanese, it is learnt that because teachers receive a monthly salary from the government, they are not entitled to any form of aid.  This means that even though their homes are destroyed, they are not eligible for assistance.  In view of this, a TRaiNX member decided to make a specific request to TRaiNX to recognise the effort of the teachers in the village of Quon Zhong.


As a result of the donation, all 56 teachers of Quon Zhong secondary school were given a cash award just prior to Chinese New Year.  A timely recognition indeed!


Nourishment for primary school children in Ma Gung Xiang village (Sichuan)


Ma Gung Xiang is a small mountain village in northern Sichuan, about 9 hours by car from Chengdu. It is a small village affected by the 5.12 quakes. Their primary school has 30 students and the school premises were destroyed.  TRaiNX members visited Ma Gung Xiang in November and got to know the plight of the primary school children and their school. No desks and chairs for teachers, no computers, lack of warm clothing and shoes… More poignantly, school children are going hungry for their parents could not afford to buy them lunches at school. 


A TRaiNX member was so touched by what she saw and made a spot donation with a pledge to further donate towards the plight of the Ma Gung Xiang children. Donations include:

-  Desks and chairs for teachers

-  Filing cabinets for the school

-  Computers for the school

-  Meals for students

A donation that brings warmth and nourishment to the Ma Gung Xiang Primary School.


One Well, Many Wellness


Water supply in Hong Kong is abundant and convenient.  So convenient that we tend to forget the effort behind supplying us with clean and hassle-free water.  Not so in many remote villages in China.  There, villagers may have to travel kilometres in order to haul a bucket of water and may have to travel farther during dry seasons.  To resolve this problem, the medium term solution is to dig a well.


A TRaiNX member wants to help in this regard and donates towards building wells in villages that do not have access to fresh water. She made a request to TRaiNX and TRaiNX followed up with her even though donations towards building wells are not directly related to the TRaiNX mission of serving the young and the elderly.


One Well, Many Wellness through TRaiNX.




You too,  can make a specified donation through TRaiNX!





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