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 Donation through Banks 

        願意捐助本會者,請將捐款存入以下賬户 :-



   號 碼:


   號 碼:

      並請以電郵  (  通知本會有關
Those who would like to donate to our meaningful cause, please credit directly to our bank account. Payable to :  TRAINX Charity Foundation Limited

 Bank of China  

Account No.:


 Hong Kong Bank

Account No.:

and please inform us by email ( ) with name and address of the donor, so that we can issue a  receipt accordingly. Donation of HK$100 or above are tax deductible .


  By Credit Cards



Regular Donations

If you wish to make a regular donation to TRaiNX, the simplest way is to set up a Standing Instruction with your bank.

A.   Through the Internet

     The following is a demonstration on how to set up a standing e-instruction via Internet Banking for HSBC Customers. HSBC provides such online service free:-

  • Log on to HSBC Personal Banking

  • Go to “Pay or transfer

  • Choose your personal account for remittance

  • As for the Receiving Account, fill in TRaiNX Account Number, which is 053-366654-001

  • Set the monthly amount

  • Go to “Date” and click on “Recurring

  • Scroll down to “Frequency” and choose “Monthly

  • Click and “  Confirm  ” 

Just that easy, and it is free  !


B.   Over the Counter

If you wish to make a standing instruction over the counter, please go to your bank and ask for a Standing Instruction arrangement.

Kindly note that the bank may levy a handling fee for setting up the instruction.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.




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